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The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy had mixed critical reviews. But it did give couples looking to spice up their sex life a few ideas. Unless you are already into that sort of thing, flogging, suspension, and safeword are not in your usual dictionary.


Erotica is not a new genre, but the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and the toys fifty shades of grey introduced in it pushed the boundaries of mainstream films without going into porn territory. Fifty shades of grey sex toys is a central piece of the movie. But not everyone can afford Christian Grey's playroom. But most couples can afford a few fifty shades of grey toys for their own pleasure.


Selecting the Right Fifty Shades of Grey Toy for You


If your budget isn't as vast as Christian Grey, it may be necessary to pick a few 50 shades of grey toys first before making significant changes in your den or bedroom. Your wife may know what to expect, but it's still best to "negotiate" the activities you plan to do. She might not like the idea of nipple clamps or anal fisting too.


Start with what she already knows. 50 shades of grey sex toys vibrators didn't make an appearance in the movie until "Freed," but most women are already curious about it. The movie started with blindfolds and bondage. Christian Grey bought some rope from a hardware shop, it's doubtful that it's his usual routine, considering Ana figured out it's weird right away. Specialized fifty shades of grey sex toys include handcuffs and other restraining devices that are not as rough as the original.


Christian advises researching before getting into sadomasochism play. It's best you do the same. The movie only showed a glimpse of what 50 shades of grey sex toys can do. It is not for everyone, but it is definitely something worth exploring at least once. Dipping your toes and easing into it, the way Anastasia did, is the best approach.


The same can be said when buying your fifty shades of grey sex toys. Your research will show what kind of play you and your partner would likely enjoy. It would also tell you what fifty shades of grey toys to buy for your self-exploration.


Finding Your Inner Dominant/Submissive


In the movie, Christian started as a submissive and eventually became a dominant. It tells us that a person can play either regardless of their gender. So "negotiate" who will play what and when. You and your partner can alternate roles and buy your preferred fifty shades of grey toy for it.


In the movie, it took a while for Anastasia to find the submissive inside her. Whether it is for love, pleasure, or both. There is a good chance that people will come around, especially after getting a taste as Ana did. Fifty shades of grey sex toys play a big role in replicating of the onscreen couple.


Dominants are harder to develop. They do most of the work and need a lot of technical skills to pull it off. Toys fifty shades of grey style or not, won't act on their own. It is up to the dominant to get maximum pleasure from them.


The movie falls a bit short when it comes to details. Since it is not considered porn, the sex scenes are not as detailed as we hoped. But regardless of how much the audience wants to see two beautiful people doing it hard and dirty, the director only served appetizers.


The Right Tools for the Right Job


Research can only go so far. It does give you an idea of what fifty shades of grey toys to buy and try out. Once you have the tools and knowledge, practical exploration is necessary. Here are some points to consider.


Lubricate - Anal beads are nice, but "research videos" won't show you the need to lubricate them. There are specially made 50 shades of grey toys for that. Back door toys aren't the only trinkets you need to lubricate; handcuffs and other restraints hurt the skin. It may be something you could eventually enjoy, but meddling people might get bad ideas when they see bruises the next day.


Take it Slow - Christian Grey did go all out right away. He showed Anastasia the ropes, pardon the pun, one step at a time. Trying out two or three 50 shades of grey sex toys to start will ensure that you and your partner enjoy the variety and the future of what's to come. 


Keep it a Secret - Christian Grey even went to great lengths to keep his particular hobby a secret. Given he is a public figure, you may think that it's a special case, but it's not. Don't be a victim of dull people who only know missionary and compensate by bad-mouthing others.


Clean and Store Your 50 shades of grey toys - Unlike Christian Grey, who has the freedom to do it anytime he wants, the rest of us have jobs to do. Leaving our 50 shades of grey sex toys lying around for our older children to find. Make sure you properly sanitize your 50 shades of grey toys before and after use. It keeps the fun going for a long time.


Erotica fiction is just a story, but it can inspire real-life just as actual history can inspire fiction. You may not be a billionaire bachelor, and your partner may not be a virgin co-ed, but that doesn't mean you can't have as much fun as they did in the movie. Having the right toys fifty shades of grey style can make that happen.

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