Couple Play: Best Ways to Enjoy Vibrators with Your Partner

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There's a lot of misconceptions about vibrators. People think that it's just for solo play. There's a lot of basis in that, but it is not entirely true. Vibrators are not just for singles; couples can also use it for good fun. Here are ways partners can have sex together with vibrators and other sex toys.

If you are looking for the best vibrators for couples to spice up your sex life without involving other people, then read on and check out our guide on how to use sex toys as a couple.

Guiltless Double Penetration

A lot of vibrators are shaped like dildos. Dildo and Rabbit vibrators are some of the best selling vibrators in the market. But there is no such thing as the best vibrators for couples. Cheap vibrators for couples can be as affordable as small bullet types for G-spot stimulation. But some vibrators work great for specific kinds of couple sex. Dildo vibrators, for example, can be used for double penetration without having to involve another partner. Best-selling vibrators such as silicone dildo types work well in any orifice.

Women who enjoy anal sex enjoys double penetration a lot more. DP orgasms are so intense that once a woman experiences it, they will be unfulfilled without it. Kinda like what they say about going black, except twice as powerful.

The challenge with double penetration is you need two joysticks. Most men are not too keen on sharing their lover, especially in a serious relationship. However, sharing your lover's holes with vibrators is both guilt-free and fulfilling for both parties. A personal sex machine can work, but it would limit the positions available for DP. Dildo vibrators will not have that problem.

To be fair, men can use it too.

A Man's sacred backside.

Speaking of men using vibrators, bullet vibrators also work great for masculine G-spots. It's a shame that most men don't know that the most pleasurable male G-spot can only be reached from behind.

Prostate ejaculation is more intense and healthy. It prevents cancer, and even cheap vibrators for couples can be used for DP and prostate ejaculation. It's just a challenge to convince a straight man to insert something in his ass. If some women consider their asshole sacred, then straight men consider it inviolable. They would prefer to die than have it broken. Of course, girls look at their hymen that way too at some point. Cheap vibrators for couples can be used to introduce your man to the joys of prostate orgasms. They won't regret it.

Couple Vibrator Foreplay

Foreplay is the spice of good sex. For people in long-term relationships, it is difficult to add more pleasure in sex due to physical limitations. Each person only has two hands, one asshole, a man has one penis, and a woman has one vagina. Sex toys change all that. Affordable sex machines that can ram your woman while she gives you fellatio becomes a possibility. Clitoral stimulation, while you partake in wine and cheese (literally), also sets the mood. Extended foreplay is the secret to tantric sex. That is the secret to pleasurable sex for long-term couples.

The best vibrators for couples are ones that both partners are willing to use. Small bullet vibrators for clitoral and scrotum stimulation works great for "conservative" partners. Double-ended dildo vibrators can be used by more liberates ones. Browsing through catalogs and use your imagination is an excellent foreplay and educational sex toys online shopping.

There are plenty of cheap vibrators for couples.'s broad assortment of available models can further increase the dimensions of your sexual lifestyle while keeping it private and discreet. The best vibrators for couples are ones that both partners can give and take.

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