Conquering The Seven Year Itch with Sex Toys

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What's your favorite food? Have you ever thought about eating just that for the rest of your life? It may sound heavenly at first, but it eventually becomes boring. After a few years, it's a chore. By the seventh year, you'd be willing to eat anything as long as it's different.

It also applies to marriage and having sex with the same person over and over for a long time. It's exciting to finally explore every nook and cranny of the person you love, but after a couple of years, it has lost all novelty.

The Seven Year Itch Phenomenon

If you still haven't heard of this old-fashioned term, It's a theory from an Australian philosopher that our lives go through seven-year cycles. That includes getting bored with a sexual partner and marriage. There are studies showing that divorce rates peak at the 4th-9th year of the relationship. It peaks at the 7th.

A lot of people divorce not because they stopped loving their partners, but because of infidelity. Everyone wanted to try something new. The love is still there, especially if there are children involved. Its lust that has run dry.

Unless you're a member of the swingers club, most partners do not forgive infidelity. It eventually leads to divorce. So if you don't want to break up, but tired of the same old routine in bed, then why not try using sex toys.

Sex Toys and Costumes are a Willing Guiltless and Third-Party

I'm not talking about threesomes with a silicone sex doll. It is an option, if you can afford it. Make sure to keep it hidden from your kids. The last thing you want is young children to find your silicone sex doll, and they want to play with it too.

I'm talking about role-playing. Wearing something different in the bedroom and acting out different personalities. There are plenty of sexy-costumes online for police, nurses, maids, and even Santa's little helper.

It will still be you and your partner. But if you set the mood right and with lots of acting practice. You and your partner can raise your lovemaking sessions to a whole new level.

You can be a different person each time, without having a real third-party in your lives. Couples can build up anticipation by discussing the scenario a few days before the new costume arrives.

Add a Vibrator to the Mix

Vibrators are the most popular sex toys for women. Your wife may even have one already. If she does, don't get mad or jealous of it. It's a thing, an inanimate object. It just goes to show she's also doing what she can to satisfy herself without getting another man.

Besides, a real man wouldn't lose to a machine. You can also use it to your advantage. Sexually active women can orgasm a lot or not at all. Having a tool to help you squeeze her dry lets you satisfy her in ways that you can't do alone.

If your wife doesn't have orgasm problems, you can use a vibrator to keep her cumming while you rest. That will allow you to keep her hot and squirting while you control your own climax and keep going.

If she's the type with orgasm problems, it doesn't mean that she can't. It just means it takes a long time before she does. Vibrators can help with clitoral stimulation. It is the secret to finally getting her to climax and love you even more.

Awaken Fetishes

A lot of people have deep dark sexual fantasies that they are too embarrassed to show others even their spouses. Thanks to the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, it awakened a lot of masochistic tendencies of women

Talking about it outside the bedroom will not reveal anything. If after a few years of marriage neither of you talked about your dark fetishes, then chances are you never will.

Having it show up naturally in the bedroom at the heat of the moment is the best way to experiment. Exploring each other's deepest darkest desire will add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

There are plenty of items that can get you started. You don't even have to buy it. A small piece of clean cloth can work as a blindfold, and that can do wonders when trying something new. can also work, There are specialized handcuffs for sensual plays that are designed to be comfortable. Normal handcuffs can scratch the skin and hurt. That is not advisable unless you're into something like that.

Enhance Your Senses.

One of the reasons why people get bored with sex is over-familiarity with how their partner feels. Items such as sensitizers, tightening creams, cock rings, and the like can change things a bit. In some cases, it feels like a different person.

Being able to experience something new with the same partner will help reignite your passion for each other and save your marriage. A lot of couples use willpower to remain loyal to their partners. They love their family and will do their best to avoid anything that would ruin it, that includes sacrificing their sexual desires for the rest of their lives.

Using sex toys will prevent that from happening. You can still remain loyal, avoid the complications of an affair, while still having an active sex life.

It will take a long time before our biology catches up with us and our sex drive dies out. There are people who are sexually active past their 60's. There is no reason to deny ourselves the joys of sex while married to the same person for a long time.

Having an active and monogamous sex life has a lot of health benefits. Sex toys may not be as fun as an orgy, but most couples wouldn't want to share their partners with someone else. Getting creative with just the two of you is the best way for married couples to beat the seven-year itch.

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