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Vibrators: A Comprehensive Guide

The modern vibrator started its journey as a miracle medical tool to cure hysteria. There are ancient references including, Cleopatra using a gourd of bees to stimulate herself, but there's doubtful historical evidence of it. If it was true, that's gotta be the best personal vibrator in ancient times.

In the 19th century, apart from hysteria, physicians found it to be a good massager that, and according to an advertisement, "invigorates the nerves, stimulates the (blood) circulation, and banishes soreness."

People eventually used it to stimulate more sensual parts of the body and Viola! The best selling vibrator sex toy is born.

What is a Vibrator?

Vibrators are a type of electromotor sex toy that uses the "vibrations" to stimulate nerve endings. It resonates using a (typically battery-powered -there are direct AC/DC models) motor sets it apart from other types of sex toys.

It comes in all shapes and sizes, there are pill-sized models for clitoral stimulation and dildo shaped ones. The best personal vibrator for you depends entirely on your fetish.

Vibrators can do what humans could not. It can send waves of pleasure direct to the nerve endings with minimal effort. Modern vibrators have adjustable speed settings, and some even have a remote control.

There are designs for both men and women. It can stimulate any part of the body, including deep in the cervix and prostate.

What are the Different Types of Vibrators?

The Bullet Vibrator

This elegant phallus-shaped design is one of the first ones to come out in the market. It comes in metal, ABS plastic, and Silicone body construction. Bullet-shaped vibrators are still the most popular vibrator types for women.

It was designed to be discreet, but nowadays, most people would recognize it for what it is. Don't fret, the form is perfect to reach hard to reach spot deep inside.

The Discreet Vibrator

Speaking of the classic look, some are small and shaped like a lipstick. It even comes complete with a cover. Some are only as big as a man's thumb. There are also egg-shaped vibrators that come in different sizes for your pleasure.

Good things come in small packages, it's handy enough to bring anywhere. It's also small enough to accurately target your erogenous zones, such as your clit or nipples. There are wearable, discreet vibrators you can bring to work and add excitement to a boring workday. Wireless remote models are the best selling vibrator for those who crave public adventures.

Dildo Vibrator

Dildos articulately shaped like a man's joystick come close to the real thing. Close, but not quite there, it cannot spit out semen, and the temperature is not quite right. There are high-end models with temp control and love juice. But once it comes with a vibrating function, it changes the game.

The stimulation is at a whole different level. A lot of women have problems reaching orgasm with penetration sex alone, but that's rarely the case with vibrators.

Dildo types are some of the most popular vibrator models, because of its natural shape, and feel more realistic than most sex toys. There are thousands of models to choose from, including choice of length and girth. It's no surprise that dildo vibrators also the best selling vibrator models in the market.

The Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit types are some of the best rated vibrator models in recent years because of the mind blowing orgasm when using it. It is specially designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

It's easy to imagine why rabbits are the most popular vibrator if you think about its capabilities. It's hard to experience the same thing with real sex. It's awkward and uncomfortable for your partner. A toy rabbit will not complain, do its job, and change speeds at your leisure.

It is technically a dildo vibrator with a specific shape. Selecting the right model depends on two things, its size and the clitoral end. Make sure it is the proper size and shape for your G-spot. The nut end of this model also has different ways how it achieves clitoral stimulation.

Anal Vibrators

This type is available for both men and women for backdoor pleasure. Some anal vibrators for men that specialize in prostate stimulation. It is the most popular vibrator for the LGBTQ community.

For women, they can are plugs, beads, phallic, egg-shaped, or a mixture of them. The beaded type is the most popular vibrator of this type for females.

Choosing The Right Vibrator for You

There are plenty of choices when it comes to vibrators. If we include magic wand massagers, the possibilities are endless. Finding the best rated vibrator is a bit harder than other products, but it is possible to find reviews for some famous brands.

Choosing their first toy may seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. But it is no different than finding the right pair of shoes. All women are experts when it comes to that. There is no such thing as best selling vibrator or best personal vibrator in the market. Even the best rated vibrator changes from time to time, it's all a matter of personal taste.

Just like shoes, vibrators are made from different materials, shapes, sizes, designs, brands, and functionality. But the big difference between vibrators and shoes, you can't try out a sex toy before buying it.

Every woman has their own preferences in selecting the right shoes, the same can be applied to sex toys. The problem lies in making sure it fits perfectly. Before shopping around for your new playmate, measure the size you need with your fingers.

The best rated vibrator doesn't mean perfect for you. A particular model rarely comes in multiple sizes. So if you're looking for the best vibrator to buy, then think about your own preferences and purposes. The most popular vibrator models are just based on fads. It changes from time to time. So instead of looking for the most popular vibrator, look for the best personal vibrator for your own pleasure.

Vibrator Maintenance

Vibrators are not built the same, depending on the material of the main body. Usually, there are cleaning instructions in the manual inside the box. Use only specially formulated lubricants when using it. Even the best rated vibrator will not last long if handled carelessly.

Fleshlights - Fleshlights are the best selling vibrator for straight men. Rinse it with running hot water. You can also dab with 40% ethyl alcohol before rinsing. Use cotton buds to reach the grooves and folds inside then rinse it right away.

Glass and Metal vibrators - Wash with warm water and 10% bleach solution. Do not "submerge" them in water. Wash it as you would dishes. But do not use a dishwasher. It can damage the motor.

ABS Plastic - The same process as glass and metal vibrators, but use 70% ethyl alcohol solution as a disinfectant. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean it.

Silicone - Check if your entire vibrator is covered with silicone. If it is, then you can scrub it with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pay attention to the small grooves and clean those parts thoroughly. Bacteria colonies tend to grow in hard to reach sections.

Wipe your toy dry before storing it again. If you plan to stock it for a while, pack the batteries separately for toys with removable batteries. For models with internal batteries and a wireless remote, make sure to keep them in the box, so it doesn't get misplaced.

Proper maintenance helps it last longer and prevent the spread of diseases. After all, sex toys reach deep orifices. Bacteria and other disease-causing organisms can stick to your gadget and flourish.

It's essential to have a relationship with your sex toy. The best personal vibrator will take care of you if you take responsibility for it.